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Massimiliano Fabriz, Italy

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What better way to represent our love for travel and the beautiful scenery that nature and different cultures have to offer than through photography and our collaboration with Travel Photographer of the Year.

StaaG and Travel Photographer of the Year

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Best single image in a portfolio:
Vanishing & Emerging cultures 2013
Special Mention - Sahil Lodha, India

StaaG and travel

Extraordinary one shot: David Lazar

David Lazar (Australia) took this commended shot whilst on safari in Kenya. David captured this particular moment when the 2 lionesses were walking with paws in synchronisation, and also happened to both be looking at the cub.

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StaaG and travel

2013 TPOTY winner: Timothy Allen

This young boy is carry mud to the central Mosque in Djenne during La Fete de Crépissage, the annual replastering of the largest mud building in the world.

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StaaG and travel

Extraordinary one shot: Justin Mott

2013 winner, Justin Mott (USA), plays with the perspective of the elephant which is actually outside the private pool in this winning image from 2013.

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StaaG and travel

2007 TPOTY winner: Cat Vinton (UK)

Tat (the spearman) reads the water carefully and using his spear would jump from the bow of his Kabang and catch a fish every time. In this winning image, Cat captures the way of life for the Moken people.

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StaaG and travel

Joint winner - portfolio - wild stories: Jasper Doest

Jasper watched this young Japanese macaque in the Jigokudani Valley become increasingly drowsy and eventually close its eyes. He found it ‘such an honour when an animal trusts you enough to fall asleep in front of you’. His close-up shot captures the moment of tranquillity and emphasises the human likeness in both face and pleasure.

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StaaG and travel

Best single image in a portfolio winner: Pete Downing

This picture was taken at a hide specifically constructed for the task by Mark Hancox. Inevitably it was one of the last pictures Pete took after a marathon 12 hour sessions in the hide.

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StaaG and travel

Special mention: best single image in a portfolio - Monochromal: Tony Burns

Tony was shooting football extensively around Rio, on and off, for a few months ahead of and during the World Cup. This special mention image is a bicycle kick on Ipanema beach with the iconic 'Two brothers' mountains in the background.

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