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The World of StaaG

StaaG and Polo

Polo is one of the oldest team sports in the world dating back several thousands of years. The first organised polo club, the Calcutta Polo Club, was developed in 1862, by two British soldiers and later brought the game to their peers in England. We believe there is no better place than the spectacular stage of polo to display our reengineered luxury polo shirts.

The World of StaaG

StaaG and Warwick University Polo Club

Official polo shirt supplier to Warwick University Polo Club, our shirts also sport another great British brand – Aston Martin. We are proud to design and style the Warwick team in beautiful polo shirts and they continue to stand above the crowd at tournaments, giving them added confidence on the field.

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The World of StaaG

StaaG and Cardiff University Polo Club

Our passion for polo extends to supporting non professional teams and building the sport from a grass roots level. Our sponsorship of Cardiff University will help bring the Sport of Kings to ever more future players.

The World of StaaG

StaaG and Exeter University Polo Club

Official polo shirt designer to the University of Exeter Polo Club. As time passes, history is made, and professional polo players of the future are made.

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