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How to care for your StaaG leather goods

Caring for your leather products

Your StaaG leather products will age naturally over time. All our products are pre treated to the highest standards before inspection and then being made available to you. However, your product will naturally collect dirt and dry out over time and so we recommend the following simple procedure to care for your leather as best as possible. You will have received a complimentary Collonil leather gel kit with your bag but should you need more.

How to care for your StaaG leather goods

Care guide

  • We recommend to choose an inconspicuous small area to test on before applying to the whole product.
  • Before applying clean with a soft damp cloth to remove any surface dirt.
  • Apply the gel evenly with a brush or a separate clean white cotton cloth.
  • Once dry, buff the surface with another clean dry cloth to restore the leather surface.
  • Use regularly depending on usage to optimise the protection to the leather.
  • For further information about leather care, please contact us.

How to care for your StaaG leather goods

Collonil leather gel

Collonil Leather Gel is a solvent-free gentle gel to improve the water resistance of our leathers. It can help leather to resist dirt and moisture. This leather gel can be used on natural leather; printed leather; pebbled leather and soft calf.