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The story: A quick history lesson...

1977 - Scotland

In the village of Balerno, just outside of Edinburgh, is where the story starts. Beset on all sides by fields, and instilled with traditional British values, two young Scottish boys revelled in the freedom of village life. Come rain, sunshine or even snow they were to be found outdoors enjoying the fresh air. That is not to say however, their domestic life was any less inspiring!

  • 1980s - a lesson in creativity

    With a highly creative mother who made her own clothes, the boys benefited from having some of their own clothes made for them too… if their mother could pin them down for long enough that is! Inevitably this led to a deep appreciation for the individually tailored clothing that they were fortunate enough to enjoy. Growing up with a sewing machine and a home strewn with patterns, needles and threads meant the boys learnt at a young age how to sew.

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  • 1980s - a lesson in creativity

    This appreciation and knowledge of the way clothes were made was not normally enough to tempt them indoors however, and the boys, being boys, preferred to spend their time outdoors playing sport.

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2000 - the South of England

Fast forward a few years and the boys, older and now living in the South of England, had been influenced by both their creative mother and their business minded father. The creativity they inherited from their mother manifested itself in the younger brother’s work in designing, whilst the business influences of their father saw the eldest progressing from an accountant to management consultant whilst travelling the world with it.

Brothers by birth, best friends by choice

Time passed, but the brothers’ creativity did not wane; the idea was borne that they should join forces as friends and equals to develop something that expressed the values they were brought up with.

2011 - the Highlands

On what would become a fortuitous visit to the Highlands in the winter of 2011, the eldest brother encountered a herd of stag on one of the hills whilst out walking. The sight of such a bold, strong and noble creature, confidently roaming in its land summoned up the feelings and values the brothers wanted for their brand.

2012 - noble but distinctive

The evolution from stag to StaaG can be accredited to the individuality the brothers felt passionate about instilling into the core of the brand. In a culmination of lifelong inspirations and influences, the brand had finally come to fruition.

2012 - the South of France

By this time their parents had moved from Britain and were living in the South of France, as a result the young men would spend their winter and summer holidays there, enjoying the summer sun and winter slopes. It was in their parent’s garden in the summer of 2012 that the brothers designed their first product.

2012 - the quest of excellence; the rebirth of the polo shirt

Redefining the classic polo shirt, the brothers championed quality and style as the two factors of upmost importance to them. Later more products would be added to their brand, representing not just their lifestyle, but also the values and needs that were most important to them.